actually my name's marina (severus) wrote in boston_buddies,
actually my name's marina

I haven't posted in here in awhile and i just wanted to say hi to all the other boston parents out there and post a really short video of marty! we've been going to puppy class at petsmart and the trainer said he doesn't really need it but he's been learning some tricks and i thought it was cute so i wanted to post a video :)

i think he's doing great for six months old! he's already completely house broken and doesn't need his crate at all anymore. he sleeps with us at night and we've left him alone for up to three hours in the apartment and he doesn't chew anything and there have been no messes! he's such a great dog.

EDIT: ok so i need your help! marty has not been neutered yet because we've had some money problems recently BUT now i've saved up plenty for him and now that the time is approaching my boyfriend is kind of freaking out about it. he's convinced that marty won't be the same dog anymore. i've had dogs my whole life and i know this isn't true plus there are tons of benefits to spaying/neutering your animal but he doesn't see it that way. he's never had a pet before marty and honestly he's just thinking of marty's balls in terms of his own. what can i say to him to help him ease into the idea? marty is having it done either way but i don't want it to be a sore spot between us because before marty my boyfriend wasn't what you'd call an animal person but marty is his baby. help me out!! thanks <33

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