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16 July 2010 @ 11:11 am
Deaf Bostons  
Does anyone have any experience with deaf bostons? My friend just got an eight week old boston pup that she discovered is deaf. Any advice on how to live with the lil girl would be helpful!
Nancieeicnan on July 16th, 2010 05:56 pm (UTC)
I have a deaf german shepherd though it's due to old age so not something we started with from day one. In our case approaching her slowly and patience is the best route. I would advise against coming up suddenly on any deaf dog. Let them smell you around them and they'll realize you're there before you touch them. My dog will cry a lot because she can smell us in the house but not hear us. However my house isn't exactly friendly to a deaf senior dog so a lot of it is also that she cannot see us. When we're on the same floor she is there is no crying. But we're on other floors of the house there can be crying. That probably wouldn't be as much of an issue for your friend though as my dog can't get on other floors of the house due to age and even if an older Boston couldn't go up and down stairs anymore it's not like you couldn't pick them up and bring them upstairs.

It really hasn't been too hard changing things for my dog. And I would imagine with a puppy it's going to be even easier (minus a few puppy frustrations it's a little easier when they're deaf and already potty trained) because it's the life they already know. Dogs are so amazingly smart and easy to adapt to their circumstances. Lots and lots of hand signals will probably be the best bet. My dog is really good about watching our hands to see what she needs to do. As long as there's consistency she'll have no problem figuring out what her owner expects of her.

And not related to your question but my Boston will wake my senior gal up when we come home or something's wrong. It's really cute to watch him be her ears. He's worthless for a guard dog so we always tell him if something isn't right wake your sister up. Not that my dog needs a guide dog, she does fine on her own, he just likes to share the excitement.