Jenn (astridlynn) wrote in boston_buddies,

Beware of Dog Signs?

Although Charlie is not vicious at all (we joke about him being "23 lbs of sheer terror"), I'm considering putting up a "Beware of Dogs" or "Dogs in Yard" sign on our gate to our backyard. Anyone have experience using these? Does it increase my liability if something were to happen, because I've supposedly declared my dog to be dangerous? I'm considering dog signs instead of "No Trespassing" signs because I think they may be more of a deterrent. On the other hand, I'm also wondering if I should NOT advertise that I have dogs in the case someone might come steal him. We already had our other Boston "stolen" when he got out under the fence. (Our neighbor saw a guy on a motorcyle chase him down, catch him and take him.)

Back story: About a month ago I caught the Xcel guy trying to get into our backyard to read the meter. He was banging and tugging on the gate to get it open. Hearing it from inside the house, I went to investigate and found him doing this. I told him that he was trespassing and that if he needed in my backyard to read the meter, then he needed to knock on my front door and ask to be let into the yard. Wed. morning my neighbor knocked on my door because Charlie had gotten out. (We keep the patio door open when we're home to help cool the house.) My husband had been working in the yard the night before and is very diligent about making sure the gate is closed and latched. Plus it was closed when he left for work that morning. So I suspect that it was the Xcel guy again going into our backyard.

I'm just thankful that it was Charlie that wondered out through the opened gate and not my son.

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