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Random posts about allergies

So I thought I'd share my discovery with my fellow boston-ians. Tito gets dreadfully itchy during the summer, more than likely from flea bites than from food (because he's on Orijen and you can't really get better than that besides raw). Or maybe seasonals like people.... Anyway, no matter what I do, use k9 advantix, mix some garlic powder, pesticide the house inside and out, it doesn't really help with the itching. I get newsletters from onlynaturalpet.com because I actually bought some skin supplements last year to help with his itchy skin last year. They had an article about allergies and demo-ed some of the supplements they sell that help with it. Well I happened to read it because normally I just delete the newsletter. I ended up buying "Healthy Concerns Skin Balance" because it didn't require ten thousand different products for the end result and the reviews were good and extensive, not like one or two reviews but over 50. I've had Tito on half a pill once a day for about a week now, and all his scabs from scratching have fallen off and healed and he scratches a lot less. His paws and belly isn't as red as it used to be. So if anyone else seems to have an itchy Boston at home and want to try some natural remedies, trying mulling over this product for a bit. I'm just so darn excited about finding this, I felt like I should share!! Teeters sends his love <3!

Here's the link if anyone's interested: http://www.onlynaturalpet.com/products/Health-Concerns-Skin-Balance/105010.aspx

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