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10 October 2010 @ 11:49 am
Happy Birthday Hogwarts!!!  
My baby is SIX YEARS OLD!!! I seriously got teary eyed while updating my facebook status about him hahahaha.

Hogwarts as a puppy

Hogwarts six weeks old

Hogwarts 6 weeks old

Hogwarts six weeks old

Hogwart's Glamour magazine Photoshoot

Hogwart's Glamour magazine Photoshoot

Hog in a bag


Hog blue eyes

I love that head

so nice to be in the florida sun

Hogwarts meets Santa Clause

blue eyed boston terrier

Silliest, cutest, face in the world

Caught him yawning.. lol


Hog at Bear Mountain 2006

Hog and I at Lulu's Cafe

Hogwarts and I at Runyon Canyon

Hogwarts at the dog park

Hogwarts at the dog park

Pleazzzeeeee throw the balllll!!!!!

Hog and I at Nous

Lulu look alike

Michael, Hog, & Me

Hogwarts got a Valentine from Mommy

Baby Seal

My Everything


Both making silly faces

Hog waiting to head back to LA

The many faces of Hog

Hog and I modeling our All-Mighty Lulu lookalike shirt!

Hog's favortie toy

Hogwarts Pumpkin carved by Michael

My Beautiful Hogwarts

Only for you mom...

Hogwarts Christmas Day 2008

He is so silly

Hogwarts is having a little trouble staying awake (1)

Hoggy & Mom

Old Man Hogwarts

He does respond to the name Pig...

if looks could kill..

King Hogwarts


Hoggy doesn't like the snow so much

My Boston Terrier Hogwarts on a hay barrel

Vote for Hog & Clementine's Book!

Boston Terrier Christmas Lights

Crazy Hoggy

I am feeling: crazycrazy
Genevieve: family 2009alwaysgenevieve on October 10th, 2010 11:32 pm (UTC)
thank you!