August 22nd, 2003


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So my friend Winston told me that his mommie wanted pictures of me on the Super Secret International Doggie Page so I bugged my Sister ALLLLLL morning to put these up!

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I had lots and lots and lots more, but The Boy did something to Mommie's Glowing Box and now they're all lost! Mommie is VERY Sad!

Oh my gods! guess what else! This morning, Sister and The Boy let me snuggle with them for like... FOREVER!!! It was soooooo fun cause they never let me snuggle with them in the mornings when they're both there!

I'm gonna have Sister put more pictures on our journal thingie if you wanna see em, cause Mommie just took a whole bunch more of (stupid) Bandit and Me!

K Bye!
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