November 16th, 2003


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one picture from last night, and three from this morning (click for larger images).. clancy goes for his consultation with the orthopedic surgeon on wednesday.. hopefully they don't have to wait until he stops growing to fix his leg..

My little Winston
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I went to PetSmart today. I picked up a new bed for Winston. His other one that Tom has on his desk is getting all ratty. I picked the new one off the shelf. It's so cute. It's got tall floppy sides on it. When he climbs in it to snuggle down for a sleep, the sides flop over him like a blanket. He loves it! I found out later that it's a cat bed. Hehe, He'll never know the differance. LOL!

Oh! Another thing. While I was that the pet store I got to meet two little Bostons that were in the store. They were so dang cute! When I spotted them I squeeled! I told the lady that I had one two. One's name was Lilly and the others name was Fred. Lilly jumped up on me and gave me huge little Boston kisses. :)
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