December 22nd, 2003

  • pegeen

Showing off my puppy

Hi!!! I'm new to the community, and this is my puppy, Sullivan. He's my second Boston, I got him in the summer and I <3 him sooooo much! I named him after John L. Sullivan (the "Boston Strong-Boy"), a bare-knuckled boxer from the 1800s. I think the name is quite fitting :)

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The Two of Us 2010
  • busyme

Scared me, he did . . .

The other night I thought the dog was choking or having a fit or something. He was staggering around and just licking at nothing . . .

It scared me to death.

First, I felt in his mouth to make sure there was nothing in there and then, as it KEPT happening, I turned him over on his back and opened his mouth . . .

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