December 24th, 2003

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hi! i'm heather...last week, i gave the guy i'm dating a boston for christmas! he will be 7 weeks old tomorrow. he's had a bit of a tough life so far - his mom was hit by a car and killed when he was 4 weeks old, and he was born deaf. he was given to me by a breeder who couldn't sell him because of his disability. but we adore him, and i don't think i could love any "perfect" puppy more! when he gets a little older, we are planning to work with a trainer to teach him sign language for basic doggie commands.

anyway, his name is paxil...i am a psychiatric clinician, and the breeder has a son who is a patient at my clinic, so that's how i came about finding him...coupled with the fact that he certainly is an anti-depressant, we thought the name was fitting! ;) i'll post pictures soon!

i do have one question - it's been so cold out lately, and we when take pax out to go potty, he barely has a chance to "go" before he's shivering and whining and running to our feet begging to go in. he's so small, and even though we live in florida, i'm afraid he's gonna get too chilled when he goes out. i made him a little sweater, which has helped a little, but you know...i'm just protective of my new baby. ;) any suggestions? is it better to let him go on paper in the house til it warms up? he's already in the habit of letting us know when he needs to go out, and we don't want to UNteach that good habit by REteaching him to use paper.