January 8th, 2004


Mine's name is Spanky and he's the love of my life. We grew up together over the last 10 years.

He snores louder than any creature known to man and if you're lying around watching tv or something he'll snuggle up behind your knees. He's wicked affectionate and pudgy and snuggly. He likes it when you rub the little hollow between his eyes with your index finger. His tail looks like someone slammed it in a door and he gets this guilty look on his face when he does something wrong. He's getting old and gray but not losing his spirit.. everyone loves him.

My aunt has a hyper one named Mugsy and my mom has a new puppy named Blue (who has one blue eye and one brown) that I have yet to meet and take pictures of. These dogs kick ass.

And.. pictures.

Smothering my boyfriend.

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as promised, i'm finally getting around to posting pictures of pax...jonathan's digital camera was having issues, so i had to take film pictures, get them developed, and he scanned them last night...

without further ado, i present...

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Chrono Rain
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Sasha and Molly

We got Sasha when I was 12, in December of 1992. He's the nicest, cuddliest dog in the entire world. When I'm home from College, he sleeps in my bed, and always manages to end up with his head on my shoulder so that I'm hugging him as if he were a stuffed animal. He has 2 blue eyes, and his mask is slipped (so he's a double mismark).

Here's Sasha, when he was skinny enough to fit under my bed

Molly was to replace me when I went to college. We got her in May of 1997. We refer to her as "the rat", as she's about 11 lbs with a full bladder, and 9 lbs with an empty one, compared to Sasha's 22 lbs or so. Molly has one blue eye and one brown eye, and is much more high-strung than Sasha. She's definitely the submissive one, and whenever we yell at her, she manages to roll over on her back and present her belly. She does this for Sasha too, who's always licking her face or belly. Molly's just weird like that. Also, she snores pretty loudly.

Here's molly as a puppy.

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boston terrier cute

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Just wanted to share this pic. Thought it was cute.

 Im a model and when im going to be traveling out of the country agencies there that have never met you before need to know what you look like.. Body wise... They want to make sure your not going to come all the way there being 10 pounds over weight.

So my mom took a bunch of Pols today and Tinkerbell thinks she's a model too so she posed with me :)

Rebel our "splash" is camera shy so he wouldnt strike a pose with me darnit :(

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You guys are keeping me busy with this community! Don't get me wrong though...I love it! 135 members Boston Terrier Lovers! Woohoo! I'm impressed.

While I was updating our user profile page tonight I thought I would change my little Winston's picture. My husband didn't like the picture of him in his little biker outfit so I changed it to this one. :)

I love my little winston
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