January 9th, 2004

I think my pet serves Sauron....

howdy all! i just joined this community and i'm not sure about something. when i acquired my buddy, Archibald Thurston Buxton McButterpants Cross, i was told he was a Boston Terrier. however i've recently acquired photographic evidence that leads me to believe that Archie is actually a Cave Troll. Collapse )
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Peter the Pup.
This is my dog, Peter. He's 9 years old.
We have had him since he was just 7 weeks old
and could fit inside a tea cup.
He is probably the most loyal and intuitive dog we have ever owned.
I attached a couple of pictures..
the first one he looks pretty retarded..cuz i caught him off gaurd.
the second one is of him in my glasses..He rocks out cuz he doesn't mind
being dressed up and what not...He looks absolutly pissed off but thats Peter for you.
Now i wish i was at home, instead of at work so i can play with him!
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