January 10th, 2004



I Really wish my boyfriends was into the whole Boston Terrier Scene.. He likes my dog Joy but he's not into it like me. I love her and I can see how special she is.
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by way of introduction...

My name is Laurelei, and I am the humble servant of a Boston boy named Hoover. (Sorry about the crap picture, but I'll scan more soon, I swear!)

I got him on Valentine's day 1994, and turned 10 years old on December 2nd (pictures and post about his birthday party can be found here). He has no idea he's a dog (he's not! he's my son! ;) ), he's stinky beyond belief, he snores like a chainsaw, and I couldn't love him more. For his 1st birthday, he got a puppy, Annabelle, and he's recently been inflicted with three little brothers, in the form of three little kittens (full story found here).

I'm so glad bair invited me to this community, because I didn't even know it existed. Seeing all the pictures of your beautiful Boston sweethearts makes me go all gooey, and I'm killing myself laughing reading all of your laments about their stinkiness, snoring, etc.
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For Christmas I got one of the "The Dog" stuffed animals. Although it said it was a French Bulldog, it was a Boston. Stokely still doesn't know what to think about it. I try to put them together sometimes to take a few pictures.

Hopefully there will be more soon!


Hi everyone! Thanks to bair for inviting Charlie (the Boston and master of the household) and I here. Sorry I don't know how to post photos here yet. All your bostons are so cute!

Anyways, just wanted to pop in and say hello. Looking forward to chatting more here later.
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User profile page updated again! Woohoo!

I've said it before and I'll say it again. If you don't like the pictures that I've chosen, please let me know. Send me a picture to bairsden@comcast.net and I'll gladly replace it. :)

Hey! I have another Idea for the user profile page. If you have a webpage dedicated to your doggie('s) let me know and I'll add it. Especaially if you have a cam hooked up so that we can watch.

Here is my Doggie Den Cam page. If the cam freezes, just hit the refresh button. Right now the boys are napping. Winston is on my husbands lap (See the foot? That's my husband. :) Benny is on the floor napping in his bed and Bucky is up on the couch on Winston's blanket. I change the cam angle a lot, so it might change by the time you see it. :)

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