January 14th, 2004

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hey! i just joined this group today, so i thought i would say hello!!!

my family has a 13 year old male boston named Hummel (after the composer, not the figurines). but we call him "Hum" for short. i'll never want another breed of dog, Hum has made such an impression on our family's life for over a decade now. his temperment and general beauty ( ;) ) influenced my cousin and her family to also get a boston, a female named Phoebe.

i don't have any pics of Hum online right now, i'm waiting for my mom to send my camera back to me at school, because i have hysterical pictures of Hum opening his christmas gifts. i'll post those for sure though...

speaking of hysterical, you guys should check out this website, its where i got my little icon picture...


Charlie's being a goof today.

I was tieing my shoes to go to class today and Charlie comes over and sits between me and the door, watching me tie my shoes in the mirrow. He's been a goof of sorts today. This afternoon Zanna came over and he didn't even stir when she came in until I asked him "Who's there? Where's Auntie Zanna?" Later he stood by me (I was chatting on the computer) and Zanna was throwing toys to him. He just stood there watching her throw toys at him--and he's got a lot--and eventually hid under my chair. When she put all of the toys away in his crate he started going through it, of course to get to one specific ball at the very bottom. He's doing it again right now. He's gone through 3 bowls of dogfood this afternoon, 2 more tonight and a buttload of treats in between. This is the dog that doesn't eat dogfood unless he's totally starving hungry.
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Our Baxter is getting a new little sister soon (I'm due in March) and we're trying to figure out the best ways to get him ready for the baby. One book I've read said to start limiting the time spent with him now, so it's not such a shock later. However, he does not seem to be taking this well AT ALL. He's acting out terribly, having accidents in the house, crying when put in his crate, and today getting into the trash and eating Aleve (what a expensive emergency vet visit THAT was!). Anyone have suggestions for ways to get him ready, or deal with the acting out?