January 15th, 2004

speaking of acting out...

our Hum has been sort of nasty to my parents lately; it all started when my younger brother left for college this fall. Hum peed in the house in protest for three weeks straight after my brother left (they "shared" a room). my mother didn't know what to do! she started putting the baby gate in front of the door of our den and leaving him in there when my parents went to work...but eventually, he settled down. (mom even took him to the vet to make sure there wasn't something medically wrong with him, but he was fine!)
a week before i came home for christmas though, my mother calls me and says: "you know what? Hum peed on the floor again! Dad and I were having breakfast before work and he just stares us down and starts peeing right there on the rug! it was like, 'hey! hey! don't forget that i hate you!'. so it was back to the den with him for a few days!" i couldn't help but laugh, seeing my parents dropping their spoons into their cereal bowls, totally shocked that Hum would ever do something so brazenly wrong.
my dad chalks it up to his age (he *is* 13), but i think he just wanted to remind my parents that he still missed my brother, and was just demanding his return.


I'm glad I found this community. I've always loved Bostons! I got a 7wk old female in 99 and she has been part of the family ever since. Unfortunately I had to leave her with my parents when I went away to college. She bonded with my dad so much that when I came home I soon realized that if I took her away from my dad it would have killed him! So now she is my dads little girl but I visit her all the time. I have a little pug who visits too and is her best buddy.

I have a question. I know that it is common for Bostons to have breathing problems. It is kind of hard to explain but our Boston has "episodes" where she seems to not be able to get her breath and then she tenses up pretty bad and gets nervous. Do any of you experience anything like this and if so what do you do?

Here are some picture of her I took at Christmas if you wanna see:

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MA sucks0rz. :(

my sock is gonE: I hate cold. My lips are so chapped
i like stupid: yeah :-(
i like stupid: It sucks
i like stupid: but at least Saturday it'll be like normal, with a high of 30
my sock is gonE: HAHA
my sock is gonE: there's just something wrong
my sock is gonE: with that sentence.
my sock is gonE: A high of 30.
i like stupid: heh
i like stupid: well
i like stupid: it's better than -40
my sock is gonE: ...this is true.
my sock is gonE: Very very true.

There's something wrong with Zoe... she can't poop. She finally did once today for Madre and it's not cause she CAN'T poop, it's cause it's too cold! She keeps switching off legs so her paws don't get frostbitten. -_- This poor dog... I wanna get her doggy boots but Madre won't let me. She said Zoe won't wear them. I know she'd be so much better off in this whether.

I feel so bad for all the little animals with no homes. :( It's so cold outside! I just wanna rescue them all... hopefully they find some nice shelter... Rawr. Yeah, I'm rediculous.
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