February 2nd, 2004

The Two of Us 2010
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Okay . . . my dog is running in circle 8's through the house. It's SO funny . . . sometimes he'll dead end in his crate, knocking it into the wall . . . sometimes HE runs into the wall . . . it is SO funny! I wish I had a BT's energy . . . LOL!
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Dilemma :(

Hello everyone! I have lurked on this site for over a year now. When I was in Oklahoma I got a BT pup, Trix, and adore him! However after moving back to Phoenix my living situation has become an issue. Where I am at take no pets and I have had Trix at my father's for the past couple of months. He is elderly and unfortunately Trix is a typical bundle of energy which is making it difficult for my father. Bottom line is I need to find him a loving home with people who have the time to spend with him. I love him dearly and have never ever had to get rid of an animal before. It is like having to get rid of my child. If anyone out there knows of a good home please post here and I will check back as often as possible.
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Update again!

Man this community is growing fast! I freakin' love it!

The profile page has been updated yet again....

/me gives welcoming puppy pats to Lady Bug, Otto and Jaques-Pierre

Oh and cajunsunshyne... I added a new Bubby picture. *grin*

Bakery note:
When we finally get around to having signs painted on the van, I plan on adding "Sir Winston" under the passenger side window. He is going to be my shotgun ridin' dawgie! How could I not have him with me all the time... his picture is going to be plastered all over the van. He'll be our little mascot. LOL! I'll be able snuggle him anytime I want. *grin*

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