February 27th, 2004

The Two of Us 2010
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What dog food?

What dog food do you feed your dog? I feed Ditto Wellness Super Puppy. Get it from Drs Foster & Smith.

Also, what snaks do you give 'em? Ditto's favorites seem to be BilJac Liver Treats (they come in a milk carton type thing and he comes running no matter where in the house he may be, OR no matter WHAT he's doing! It's pretty funny!)

How 'bout you?
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Boston's Rule

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I saw a post ages ago about dog food and ones that help Boston's not have such bad gas... but I can't find it now... can anyone help? I want to (gradually!) change the food to one that's better for their digestive track / stinkiness *g* - right now they are on Iams Puppy. Any suggestions?

Bad Beanbag!

Charlie has totally attacked his beanbag. There's styrafoam all over the floor. Guess I'm pulling out the sewing machine this weekend. *LOL* (Note the styrafoam bits on his face.)
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