March 10th, 2004

Napoleon Update

We took Nola to the vet on Saturday to get heartworm. While there we asked if it would be possible for them to see him because he had satrted breaking out soo bad around his eyes, nose and mouth. Along with the whole dry nose thing. So they took him in and took a little scrap of his skin to make sure he didn't have scabies or mites. Everything looked fine and he just seemed to have allergies. They gave us a prescription of anitbiotics and seriods for him to take for 21 days.
Since he started taking the meds, he looks so much better. His bumps are clearing up and his nose is going back to normal. He is a little more lazy than usual but that is ok. I am just glad he is better.

And since he is a good boy he got ice cream.
Ice Cream Nola
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