March 11th, 2004

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Profile Page Update!

Yup! I finally found some time to update our user profile page. You can view it HERE.

Please welcome:
Peewee & Pudgebutt

Also, check out the new picture for Kiko :)

Poll Time!
Since it's been so long since I updated the profile page, I need your help.

Did I miss anyone's buddy or make any mistakes on the profile page?

Let me know!


P.s. Please don't direct link to any of the photo's on the profile page. It does cost me money host all the pictures as it is... thank you. :)
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Gertie, 4 months

We took Gertie on a roadtrip to meet my folks last weekend. She was *soooo* very very good!!! She let us know every time she wanted to go outside!!! Not one accident!!! (Unfortunately, as soon as we got home, she immediately pooped under our desk :P)

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Boston's Rule

Where do you live?!!!

We think it would be cool to have all of our Boston Buddies' locations plotted on a map!
Please add your location starting with this form - you MUST be a member of Boston_Buddies to do this!
Maybe one day some of us could get together and let our sweet babies meet!

To view our map click here!