March 26th, 2004




Thank you for taking the time to contact us regarding something you heard about Greenies on the Internet. As the manufacture of Greenies, we are extremely interested in seeing the comments made, so we can address the specific concerns, and also contact the vet workers directly. Please e-mail us the link to the online Boston Terrier community to which you referred.

I can tell you without question that everyone in our company cares greatly about dogs. My wife, Judy, and I have been pet owners forever, and in fact developed Greenies to cure our own dog, a Samoyed named Ivan, of terrible breath. All it would take for you is to walk through our headquarters and you'd immediately see our love and our passion for companion animals, including those that are at work with us daily.

We can report with complete confidence that dogs are not dying daily from Greenies. If that were the case, we would immediately take them off the market. Our incidence rate of reported esophageal foreign bodies (Greenies getting caught in the throat) is 1 in 13 million Greenies sold. A significant number of those are a result of off-label use.

We have taken action to more carefully notify pet owners that, as with any solid product, obstructions can occur; we have also added a product we call Lil' Bits for Toy Breed dogs and "gulpers. The literature contains many articles on such occurrences and documents items such as bones, plastic, balls, diapers, coins, and dog treats among many items that have become lodged in the esophagus of dogs. In fact, one of our company's Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs (now weights about 115 pounds) choked 7 times on dog food when he was younger simply because he was a "gulper" and would try to swallow too much food at one time.

Again, we would greatly appreciate it if you could provide us with a link to the site where you received this information so we can look into it further.

Thank you,

Dr. Joe Roetheli
Manufacture of Greenies

I tried to post in the thread about Greenies but it said I was not a friend of the poster and it wouldn't let me post. I will direct Joe Roetheli to the community