April 18th, 2004

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I'll be baking all day tomorrow. If you want cookies... You know the drill! :)

I have 4 Internet orders ready to mail out on Monday. And one rather large order from a local groomer in town. Thanks to all of you who placed an order with me. If you’re so inclined... I would appreciate any good word of mouth that you can give me.

I was checking out http://www.bostonterrier.org It's pretty neat-o!

Winston sends a lick...

Just out of curiosity.....

Are any of you members of bostonterrier.org?


We're getting our little man in two weeks, & I've looked in two different Petsmarts for a medium sized puppy Kong.
Did anyone buy one for their puppy? If so, what size? BTs are listed under small and medium, but the small size looks so tiny!
peekaboo Kiko
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Do any of you have your doggies up on Dogster? It's a cute site where you put up a profile page for your dog - sorta like myspace.com, friendster.com, or orkut.com - but for doggies. Kiko's page is at http://www.dogster.com/?30504. If your dog is up there, or you create a profile for your dog - please add Kiko as a friend. :) I searched for BT's in WA state - and there are only 2! Mine and another BT - I KNOW there are more!