April 25th, 2004

starry night
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Cozy Kiko

Here's my Kiko just lazing around snuggled up in bed - I think she was channel surfing (notice the remote control). It's so cute when she lays her head on the pillow and snuggles up in the blankets doing an imitation of me:

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does anyone else have a BT who's eyes aren't solidly colored? i know generally, their eyes are brown, or sometimes one brown and one blue...but pax has a small area in his left eye that is still blue while the surronding area is brown. he had blue puppy eyes when he came home, but when they turned brown, that one little spot stayed blue...it's not milky colored like a cataract would be - just blue. pax's dad thinks it has something to do with a birth defect since he was also born deaf...i say it just makes him SPECIAL. :)

just wondering if anyone else has seen this in their dogs, or if it is any reason to be concerned.
Lake George Craziness

Trouble yesterday...

Yesterday Macy was limping around the house and was very lethargic and seemed really out of it. We thought that she slept on her leg wrong, she does that a lot, so we waited to see how she was later in the afternoon.

Well, around 4:30 she was a lot worse. She could barely put any weight on her front right paw, and it looked swollen. I was thinking that she must've sprained it, or possibly broke it, while jumping around like a maniac, which she also does a lot!

So we called our vet, and they were already closed so we tried a few more and they were also closed. I looked at her paw to see if she might've stepped on a thorn or something and also to see if it looked abnormal. I moved her paw up a tiny bit, and she started to cry.

You should've seen her sad face, it almost brought me to tears.

Thats it, I said.

We headed to the emergency room where we waited an hour and a half before anyone saw us.

Then finally, they came in, took her temp and gave us AWFUL news.
She has a temp. and her paw is swollen not broken.

They took some blood and tested it.

It came back VERY positive.

My baby puppy cutie girl has Lyme.

I'm almost brought to tears writing this.

They gave my sweetie some pain pills and antibiotics that she is to take for the next two months, then once that is finished she has to get an vaccination. The doc said that it isn't life threatening, unless we didn't do anything then it could be. It could flare up like this again however, and we need to watch it.
We never had any problems with ticks over here, even though our town is a tick hot spot. It's partly our fault, and I feel incredibly guilty, because she dosen't like wearing the tick collar so we don't force her to. We should've.

Thankfully she is gonna be ok, but it was a scary moment for us here.

And, just on the side, two hours in the emergency room and the tests.... almost $300!!

But it was absolutely worth it to see my baby getting better.
Just Me
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Well now...

I just recently joined this community, found it through dduley's journal, and thought I would share a couple of snaps of our little man. Barak is half-Boston and half-Minpin and total rotten.

Mommy loving!
Getting love from Mom

More pics behind the cut
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Best Buddies

Hi All..

Well my family and I have been arguing about our puppy Daisy..  She is a boston pug mix and we can't decide if she looks more like a boston or a pug.. I think she's a good mix of both but I figured I would as the experts on bostons..  What do you all think?

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Lady bug

Sissy, the water dog!

We've been getting a lot of rain here in Missouri therefore the ditches by the house are full!  And guess who loves water:  Sissy, my mom's dog.  I took this with my camcorder, so it's not that great, but thought it was cute enough to share.



lunchie at the lake

So, I had a nice, relaxing weekend.  Except for the part where Lunchie Poo got her face bitten off my by bitch-ass rat terrier, Roo, who is still pissed off at me for leaving her for college and returning with a fat, flat-faced other daughter.  People on dial-up, do not even kid yourself.  You don't want to click this link:

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