April 28th, 2004


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    I was HOPING for people to be excited and respond to my designs... but wow - I wasn't expecting people to be as excited over them as I am!  What can I say?  Boston's inspire me!!!      The pocket pal design is what I USED to do about 10 years ago with shirt paint... I only made a few of them but kept the idea in the back of my mind.  I have a photo of my two oldest with Bubby and my son is wearing one of the shirts.  It's behind the cut - - -  Anyway, until Cafe Press came along I had no idea how to expand on my idea.  SO If I didn't draw YOUR baby, post a photo or two or three here and I will start on him or her...  and don't forget - I need to know their leg/feet markings too!  +;o)
    And thank you for your enthusiasm!  It has made my day!  Week!  Month!  Year!  Need I say more?!!!  (See the K9 Crunchies video to understand!)  hehehehe
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