May 8th, 2004

K9 Crunchies Ty Dawn :)
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I forgot to mention that I worked on our profile page the other day. I did it all by myself too. hehe. I didn't even have to have cajunsunshyne's help this time. Yay me!

Anyway, let me know if I missed anyone. I've been so busy lately. I hope I caught all the user name spelling errors. Let me know... k?

For the record... Yes, trexphile, I know that Daisy is in there twice. I will fix it the next time I update. I’m an amateur. *laugh* *grin*

If you haven't told your friends about our community, get off your duff and invite them! *proud-happy-grin*

I love this place! :)
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fantasia flower

thank you , bair!!

Joey went to the vet yesterday and he determined Joe just has some bad allergies. He got an allergy shot and some eye drops (and more ear medicine for his chronic ear problem) and was on his way. He came home and tried the Cheddar Oatmeal dog shaped K9 Crunchie and he ate it right up. Usually he is so picky about crunchy treats, but he loved it!! Later before bed we had to put his ear medicine and eye drops in and he was so patient so he got one of the peanut butter and honey treats and he came right back for more. He just loved them. I got pictures that I will post later once I get them developed.

Thanks again for making his day at the vet a little bit easier to swallow. ;)