May 18th, 2004

kurt halsey - winter


It seems that I am getting nowhere in my search for a new doggie. I think I've been to every shelter in a 50 mile radius 2-3 times in the past few weeks. I called a shelter this morning to find out that they got a Boston in, so without any questions I rushed out to see it. It was an adorable, pure bred 2 year old in excellent condition. The problem? It's a MALE. I'm fine with males, but our 8 year old husky/sheperd mix HATES male dogs with a passion so it would never work out.. I'm becoming super disappointed so I just thought I'd ask if anyone knows of any Bostons that are female and need a loving home? Or even any breeders you'd recommend? I'm in the Baltimore, MD area but am willing to travel to a certain extent.
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