May 19th, 2004

Ring Worm Scare

Poor poor Napoleon. My little guy always seems to have problems. Monday night I got real scared becasue he had all these flaky cicular bumps all over his back that had a red spot in the middle. First thing that popped into my mind was RINGWORM! So we looked up info online and it kinda looked like ringworm and had almost the same symptomes (sp?). So I gave hima bath and called the emergency vet. They were no help what so ever. Since ringworm is contagious (sp?) to other animals and humans I didn't want to chance it. So poor nola had to sleep out in the living room. And then my roommate is telling me all kinds of things that were wrong about ringworm like that it comes out the dog's butt and lays eggs and it is in their poop and looks like worms...she was way off but freaked me out good. So tuesday I woke up and decided to take Nola right to the vet.

The results...Allergies. My poor guy. They took a sample to the lab just to double check on the ringworm. So now he is hyped up on antiboitics and steroids. I feel so bad for him.

Good news thou....Nola lost weight!!! He is now 28lbs!!! Better than 32. Owed all to morbiddk for getting on my case about giving him treats. Hopefully he can lose some more by our next visit in July for shots :)

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Our K9 Crunchies came today!!!!!
But sadly I don't have any pictures because my boyfriend decided to open them up and give Buddy one before I got home. (we live at different houses currently)

But he said that Buddy absolutely loved it!!!!

I'll have to take some pictures tomorrow when I get to give him one. :P

I can't wait for him to try the molases swirl ones....they looks SO yummy!

Thank you a bunch again!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks for the good info a few of you gave me :). Thankfully, I didn't need any of it! My mom and I decided to give our dog, Buddy, the benefit of the doubt and take him out to see the Boston Terrier at the shelter. It's funny because the BT's name is Buddy also. I'd really like to change it, hehe. But yeah, they did so much better than we had expected.. The only bad part was while we were finishing the paper work the BT tried to play with Buddy and went down into a play bow, but then he got in his face a little and Buddy almost went after him :(. After that though the BT just kinda left Buddy alone and they were fine.

I can't bring him home until next Wednesday or Thursday because he is getting neutered through them on Tuesday. We're taking our Buddy to spend some time with him again tomorrow though, so I may take my camera if I remember. He is the cutest dog!! I can't wait to bring him home with me :).