May 22nd, 2004

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Guess What?

I figured out a way for us to have a boston_buddies Chat Room!
That’s right! Our very own place to hang out and chat!
On my Camarades Cam page I have the option of having a chat room.
Since I never use it, I deiced to make it our private chat room.

Here's the link!

:: Come chat with us! ::

For those of you that already chat using IRC or mIRC,
the address of the Camarades IRC server is
Feel free to connect with your own IRC clients.

Bookmark it and come join us! I would love to hear from you!

Edit: cajunsunshyne is working on a banner as I type! Thanks Sweetie!
I would really like to put the link on our profile page.
I was hoping to have a cute little Boston Terrier banner button to add though.
Anyone up to the challenge of creating one for us?
You can email me at
It would be really cool if it could be personalized for our wonderful little community too.
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