May 23rd, 2004


Doggy pictures!

Well....I haven't been posting much here, but here's to changing that behavior! Anyway...I'm posting this right now, to let people know I've been wanting to start drawing doggy-portraits. Maybe to earn a little money. But, I thought for the sake of advertisement, I could do a couple of sketches for free! Huuuzah!

So...what does that mean? If anyone has photos of doggies, they'd like drawn feel free to send away! My email address is

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask!
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(no subject)

Has anyone here had any experience with Bostons and larger dogs? And I'm talking LARGE dogs! A very huge Rottweiler has come to live with us on a temporary (a we'll-see) basis. He's kind and gentle and, quite frankly, a bit too submissive. I have four Bostons with varying degrees of reaction to him from (1) completely ignoring; (2) a bit afraid; (3) constantly challenging him; and (4) total adoration (the smallest Boston adores him...go figure).

But I'm having second thoughts about keeping him around. For one thing, he's just SOOO much bigger (125-130 pounds). Also, he seems a bit overwhelmed at times by their constant energy. I'm afraid that one of these days he might get so irritated with them that he'll go too far and hurt one of them.

He's a great guy who has a potential other home with another Rottweiler. Maybe that would be a better match? What do y'all think?