May 24th, 2004

one step?

I got word this morning that there might be a purebred (though it doesn't matter that much, because I won't be showing my puppydawg) BT in the shelter that is like 5 minutes from my house!! (It's the Northside SPCA shelter, helpmeimdead.)

I'm SO excited!!!! I wanna play hookie and go down there NOW and camp out at the door! But alas, momma's gotta work to keep her puppy happy, when she finds it. :D

Just had to share! :D *giggles*

Any tips, suggestions, etc for when I inquire about this puppy and go see him/her? I'm so excited I can't see straight. :D
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i'm sorry to say that i'm leaving this lj community, since i've really enjoyed all of the great photos that are posted. but, i've finally found the perfect puppy for me, and it isn't a boston terrier. therefore, i feel a bit silly remaining a member...although, i've found a super cute french bulldog who will be ready to take home in a couple of weeks :) good luck to you all, and thank you for making me smile with your photos every day!


When it rains it pours, eh?

Okies..... when I sent out my email to see if any local shelters had any Bostons available, I sent it to like 10 shelters and organizations.

After finding out this morning that the most close shelter had a Boston, I received another email. No more than 1/2 hour ago I get an email stating that two other shelters, within my driving area, had three bostons available. Plus the shelter that sent me the email tried to push off two furry pooches that were obviously NOT bostons.

And while I was reading my email I get a text message from my friend who owns a Boston (the one I'm supposed to watch over the summer while she is at camp). I told her I potentially found a Boston and she said she was thinking about giving me hers because she doesn't give him enough time. (!) I know the following about this puppy: Male, 1 Year birthday in July, she has his papers, he's fixed & vaccinated, and his name is Gimli. Plus she said she'd give me all his toys, crate, blankies, bowls, and food as well. This is if I understand her right.

*pants* I called Buddy's daddy after getting that message and I couldn't form coherent sentences! :D
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Another Update!

Sweet lord, my friend is going to give Gimli (see previous post) free!!
I am waiting to see what, if any, things I need to buy him.

My friend said that she loves him so much that she feels horrible about not being able to spend time with him and play with him much. So she opted to give him to me. He's UTD on his shots, neutered, and has (what she calls) a great temperment. I'm looking to see if she's ever sent me a picture of him.

Despite some downfalls my friend has (as I've mentioned in previous comments) she's the first one to own up to them and that takes character. :) She really is a good mommy to Gimli and I just hope that I can match up to her. :)

We are having dinner tomorrow after I get off work. Don't know if she is going to bring Gimli or not. I would suspect so.
I'm so psyched!
I'm gonna be a mommy! I'm gonna be a mommy! I'm gonna be a mommy!

(are you tired of these updates yet?) *GRIN*
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Bailey Man

Hi everyone! My name is Robin and my boston/frenchie mix is Bailey. We live in Baton Rouge, LA while I am finishing up my B.S. Degree. He is 1 1/2 yr old and just the sweetest thing in the world. He also has a chihuahua sister I will post pics of later. Here are a few pics to get to know him better! :)

Bailey looking very cool!
10-24-03 003.jpg

Playing a little BBall.
10-29-03 006.jpg

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