May 26th, 2004

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I don't know who has worse separation anxiety ...... Me or Gimli!

I'm reading "The Dog Listener" so hopefully I can try Amichien Bonding to help calm Gimsta and so I don't feel so bad when I leave.

Quick question ....... how long after you feed your puppy does s/he need to go out? I fed Gimmy and waited about 20-30 mins and he wouldn't pooopies. I feel bad cause this is only creating a mess for me to clean up when I get home. BUT I have paper down where he poopied last night so maybe he'll be a one spot kinda dog like my friend claims him to be...... unfortunately it is in my bedroom closet! :P

I have NO idea how much sleep I actually got last night with the pimpsta in my bed. Between him attacking my head with kisses and him snuggling up to me completely under the blankets (I was worried I was going to roll over on him!!)
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Anyone's Boston do this?

I'm wondering how many other Bostons go to where the treats are kept and just stand there and cry, like belly shaking cries LOL
Tinkerbell never does that, she might sit and wait after coming in from outside (I have to bribe Rebel indoors with treats sometimes) but she never cries
He's very sensitive over everything and lets you know exactly what he wants
Anybody else have a crybaby??
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