June 1st, 2004

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Help, Help, He's pissing everywhere!

Is there any trick to help housetraining along?
Maybe I'm not doing it right?
Gimli does fine at night when he sleeps with me but if I put him in the gated bathroom he pisses on the floor during the night. Granted I have a spot of news papers where I'm trying to train him to go should he need to with a house training spray so maybe he smells it and just goes anywhere in that room?

I apparently can't catch all his "I have to potty, Mommy" signals yet so he has at LEAST one accident a day. I need to find a bell so that we can start on bell training.

Any suggestions would rock!

Singed a stressing out new mommy.

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One thing that dawned on me and slightly concerns me as to interferences to potty training..... The people that owned the condo I live in before me had a dog and I have the same carpet. While I know it has been cleaned with a cleaner and I have spot cleaned it, there are still stains from the previous dog. I also have had my boyfriend's dog all over my condo since February, but not once did he eliminate inside, except once when he threw up in the living room.

Could lingering sents of other doggies, particularly potty/marking scents, be confusing my lil Gimster and making him feel he has to mark different places?
Does any one have any tricks or product suggestions of what I could do/use to clean up my carpets and bathroom to maybe get rid of the other dog's scent?
(be forewarned this question will be x-posted on the BostonTerrier.org message board. :D)
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A potty breakthrough.... maybe

I did just as was suggested earlier with watching for the "pup sniff" and I think in the hour & 1/2 I've been home we've been outside 3 or 4 times.

BUT I went to get some cheese to snack on and gave Gimli a tiny piece to chew on. He really likes cheese :D Sharp Cheddar... he's such my boy :D
Any ways .... saw him sniffing in between times he was begging for more cheese and I thought I'd wrap a small piece (but bigger than what he had) into some tissue, let him sniff it, told him we were going outside to go potties... took him out, walked him along the wall in front of the door (which is where I'd like for him to go cause I don't want to walk to the other end of the parking lot at 6am or midnight being a little shady and scared :D) and he finally went!! I immediately praised him and gave him the cheese!

and yes... I a pseudo conga line in the living room w/ him on my hip like a baby, singing "Gimmy went to potty" and showered him with kisses till he didn't want to kiss me any more, which is saying a lot. :D

Yes we are all crazy in this house. A crazy mom w/ a Boston that acts like a 5 year old human baby on crack.

Thank all you guys & gals for suggestions this morning!!!!! Here's to hoping we keep up with the good luck! *raises her cheese* Cheers!
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Little Lainie!

I still haven't managed to convince my father to stop referring to her as Osama bin Lainie. Still, she seems okay.

She's so stubborn that she barely listens to me, except when I yell out "Don't be a dumbass!" She immediately freezes when I say that, usually saving herself from plummeting to the floor or electrocuting herself.

Anyway, here are pictures:

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