June 2nd, 2004

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My husband just came in from outside. He always lets the boys (doggies) out to go potty before bedtime.

My husband: "Winston was just outside poopin'."
Me: "Um... yeah?"
My husband: "He was poopin' so hard i heard him grunt!"
Me: *laughing my Arse off*
My husband: "Then I heard it pop out!"
Me: *rolling out of my chair*


*On another note *

Don't forget to vote for a venue! Our Boston Terrier Meetup is in 17 days! Woohoo!

At least 3 people must vote for an official Meetup to happen.
If you're not picky about the venue, it's still important for
you to vote. Just vote "no preference".

Boston Terrier Meetup
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Hi guys :). Just wanted to report that Basil is doing very good! He is such a sweetie. I have had him at my boyfriend's house in PA for a week now. His sister's Jack Russell/Pug puppy just loves him! They play so hard, by the end of the day they're sound asleep on the couch hehe. He is such a cute cuddle-bug. If Kirk is at work and it's just me and him down here in the basement I can't be on the computer. If I get on he jumps in the bed and whines til I go cuddle with him! Little brat ;). I can even go outside with him off the leash. I was terrified at first, but he listens perfectly! His favorite thing to do is play fetch, so I go out and throw his tennis ball for him. I really hope I end up moving in here because Basil LOVES having an acre of land to run and play on :).

Ok, enough babble. I do have a few questions...

We're having a little trouble keeping him from going after the cat. At first he was curious, but whenever his back was turned the stupid cat would run after him and attack him! My poor Bazie boy would run and yelp, it was sad. Finally he learned that if the cat came after him and he growled, he would walk away and not do anything. So I encouraged it. Little did I know.. Now he barks and chases the cat whenever he sees him. He doesn't hurt the cat, but he's already gotten a teeny tiny scratch on his widdle sensitive nose and I don't want him to get hurt any more. Anyone have any good tips on how to get him to at least be able to be in the cat's presence without going crazy? Each night when they're both sleepy we'll bring them in the same room and they've gotten as close as 6 inches nose to nose, but then the cat freaks and hisses so he starts barking and it's all over right there hehe. So yeah, any suggestions would be really great!

My other question..

My baby's skin seems kinda dry. Like, particularly his back legs. If I scratch them a little it gets all flakey and when I inspect him for ticks each night his skin seems kinda dry all over.. He doesn't seem to be itching, but is there any special shampoo or any other product that can help with dry skin?? I've been eyeing up some Oatmeal doggie shampoo that says it helps ease dry skin, but I can't give him a bath til Tuesday anyway (had to wait 2 weeks from the day he was neutered), so I thought I'd ask if anyone knows of anything that definitely works.

Thanks, guys!
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