June 10th, 2004

peekaboo Kiko
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that article about BT's

Hey, it appeared in our newspaper (online) today too:
BT article repeated in Seattle PI

The same article was posted by garagara_a_gogo a little while back - here's the original article and comments

I wish they wouldn't have reprinted this - or that they would have added more about health conditions, breed specifics, etc. Articles like this, and especially if being printed in newspapers around the country, are what causes puppymills to start stocking up on a particular breed - and in a year or less, rescue orgs to fill up. *sigh*
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Crying differences

Is there a way to tell the difference between a "Mommy I have to potty!!!!!" cry/bark/yelp and a "I'm being a brat and I want out of my crate/room" or "I heard a noise and think you are in danger" cry/bark/yelp??

Gimli barked at 4 am Tuesday morning and I didn't realize it was a "potty" bark, so I hushed him up and went back to bed. Come to find out when I let him out, he had to pee and went on my floor, which is ok cause it was tile.
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Excited to see my "Wigglebutt" today!

Hey all! I just got back from India and get to finally see my baby--it's been almost a month. Besides missing him terribly (more than anyone else in my life), I've also missed reading all the stories and seeing pictures of all your babies on here. One of the top leisurely things on my to-do list for next week is to catch up reading here.

This pic's from right before I left for my trip. My bf had new pics for me to see, since I didn't get to go home right away. *smiles* We were sitting around having a beer and Charlie decided to poke his little nose and head under my arm in attempts to steal a lick of beer.
Charlie - Sneaking a drink - May 04
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