June 13th, 2004

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Hey All
I figured this would be an okay place to ask you all, but if this is off topic, feel free to delete.

I recently met my friends' two boston terriers and absolutely fell in love with them. I've always had big dogs and love big dogs, but i fell in love with these little guys. Since I live in an apartment and cannot keep big dogs, i'm considering adopting/buying a boston terrier. So i had a few questions for some owners.
-How trainable are they?
-Can they be papertrained (not really a big deal, just curious)
-How much do they shed?
-How well are they with children?
-Are they the type that can live in apartment (with many walks outside)?

Thanks so much!

Help Please!

Does anyone have some tips on how to teach your dog to walk on their leash? Emma does well around the yard but she has recently discovered she likes to walk down the street but she only goes so far and then refuses to go anymore, or finds a place to sniff and refuses to go any farther.
Also I thought Emma would get along well with other dogs because before she was rescued she was in a home with 60 dogs and many cats and other animals, but i have found that she does not.She is snippy and goes after the dog. I'm not sure if it is because it is her house or she just does not like other dogs. What can I do?
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riot - nax0s


Alright, you all convinced me. I'm about 98% sure now I'll be looking into getting a Boston Terrier. I already have a list of shelters in my area from other adoptions, and i know what those prices are for dogs. my dogs have always been from shelters, friends, or rescue companies, in other words i've never bought from a breeder before. my friend who has Bostons said I should look into Boston breeders as a back up just in case b/c she searched for them in shelters for over a year (never found one), and finally just decide to go with a breeder instead.

but i'll get to my point now, hehe, sorry i have a tendency to ramble. what is the average cost for a Boston? what's the price range most of you have run into when buying one of these cuties?

also again, thanks so much for the input from my other post. i appreciate it :)