June 15th, 2004

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Today is a good day! Here's why:

- Happy 23rd Birthday To Me!

- Gimli chewed through the handle on his crate so we bought him a wire one last night and he seems to love it. He doesn't whine for as long. I feel so much "better" putting him in this one.

- Got Gimli a small red Kong last night and he has been really enjoying it. He does get bored with it but he comes back to it.

- He peed on my bed yesterday. =\ (ok this isn't making it a good day, but it led me to keep him in his crate so I got a super good night's sleep.

Have a great day all!
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posting alot tonite =)

see my family & i are driving to georgia on monday for a week..and i was wondering if any of u have taken ur boston on a very long car ride? what did u do to pass the time by? was the overall car-ride sucessful?

my mom asked the vet if this very long car ride is ok for susie, he said sure.

i just hope she doesn't hog the seat, susie is known for her bed hogging.

thanks guys<3
Puppy Eyes

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    Sad news.  My Mom found some Boston puppies and chose a baby girl for my grandparents (who have always had Bostons, whose parents always had Bostons, and so on, and so on, etc. etc!!!).  She picked her (Gigi *g*) up a few days ago and brought her to them.  She weighs only 1.5 lbs and is the most darling thing you've ever seen.  But yesterday she started throwing up her food and this morning she wasn't acting right.   My grandparents brought her in to the vet they were told that she has hook worms and only 8% blood in her body.  She is now holding her own but in very serious condition.  They think she will make it through the night - which will mean that she is going to be fine - we hope... Pray for that little baby to make it!!!  Collapse )
kurt halsey - winter

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Do any of you ever find it *extremely* hard to be mad at your BT babies? It's frustrating, hehe. Basil was annoying me SO BAD today (constantly under my feet while I was trying to do laundry and other things), but after I would say something sternly to him he gives me that adorable Boston face and I just melt! I'm such a sucker :).
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