June 17th, 2004

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This is the coloration of the new pup im going to buy, what do you think about his color? Is it normal? His brothers and sister are all normal brindle/black and white
with proper markings

I also just noticed it seems like his eyes are blue... is it just me?
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Since we are all talking about color. I thought I would post these pics of rebel when he is teeny tiny. This is when my parents went to go pick him out. They had to drive hella far so they took pics of him so my brother and I could see.

That is rebel's mom. He looks just like her. same eyes and ears. He is the one flat out with the cow spots and yellow butt. hahaha

 Rebel is total purebread and you can see all the other puppies are the traditional markings.. Dont know what happened to him. My parents picked him because he was different.

I cant imagine not wanting or not loving a puppy because they're markings are off!!

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peekaboo Kiko
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Kiko has pee pee problems

Kiko's been leaking urine for a few weeks now. I thought it would just go away but it didn't. I had to change her crate blankets every other day because they would smell. I am thinking it may be incontinence but my doc said to rule out a UTI (which she had when she was just a few months old) first.

So, I took her in early this morning when she woke up and I knew she had a full bladder. I guess she doesn't have a UTI - our care coordinator called with the urinanalysis results - it's totally clear of any problems, so it's probably urinary incontinence which means she'll have to go on a hormone treatment called DES (Diethylstiberol - something like that) - which is pretty safe in low dosages in animals, but is banned in humans. DES' only purpose as a medication is to tighten the bladder sphincter muscle in animals. It used to be used as a hormone replacement for women trying to get pregnant, but it caused birth defects -eek. Guess I'll find out when I go to work tonight. Poor girl. The doc told me this was one of the drawbacks of spaying before the heat - that she'd be more prone to incontinence and UTI's...but it outweighed the more prone to cancer spaying after the 1st heat, in my opinion. If it's not incontinence, it could be a urethra problem which surgery could fix (my other vet told me about this back when she had her first UTI). Let's hope it's not that! *sigh*
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Not a full boston?

Ok, so there was this debate when I got Bailey whether he was Boston or French Bulldog... the first vet I took him to, one I worked for previously and loved, said " OMG What an adorable frenchie mix!!" the minute I walked through the door. Then when I came to Baton Rouge, some people I worked with at another vet said he didnt look any Frenchie, all Boston.

Well, well... I was looking over the AKC Standards for fun.. and it appears.. he is BOTH!

1-Bat ears qualifies for Frenchie.. and BOY does he have some ears.. I was worried he would never grow into them. LOL.
2-Brindle markings can be either.. the "know-it-all" at the BR Vet said Frenchies are never brindle.. well, they are. :P
3-BT have to have a white streak between the eyes.. and Bailey Man does not..
4-But he is built like a Boston. He isnt stocky like a Frenchie.

I always called him a Boston Mix since all that disussion at the last vet, but apparently my little man is a bit of both. (Was bored here and decided to share)
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Hi everyone! I just recently joined this community because there is a chance that my fiance and I will be adopting a young deaf boston terrier. I have always been interested in pugs and small dogs in general (except for poodles heh). One day my boy came across a woman with a boston terrier. He mentioned how i adored pugs and boston terriers, and the woman mentioned how she knows someone who wants to give up a puppy boston terrier because it's deaf. Well funny enough, i am deaf myself so i imagine it's a perfect match ;) Since then I have been looking into how to take care of boston terriers, and deaf dogs as well. I was wondering if anyone would like to pitch in advice such as best way to clean their faces, type of food, training methods etc, anything would help. Links to your favorite boston terrier websites would be wonderful as well.

Hope to be a long-time member of this community and come back with pictures in the future!