June 18th, 2004

Puppy Eyes

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GIGI is home and well! Her blood count is still a little low, but steadily climbing so they sent her home!!! The nurse went in to see her this morning and she was crying... so the nurse picked her up to love on her and she was still whimpering. She thought maybe Gigi could use some fresh air and took her outside - and when she put her down Gigi POTTIED!!! She has pretty much potty trained herself - she won't go anywhere except outside! As sick as that baby was, she still would not soil herself! THANK YOU for all of your well wishes!!! I will post more pictures soon!!!

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Gimli scared the HELL out of me last night!
I was watching TV while my boyfriend set me up a bubble bath, saw Gims come in chewing on something red (which I thought was his chew). Then I heard a PPSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSST! Looked down and saw that he had punctured a small lighter! He seemed/s ok. I hope the butane didn't hurt him but it freaked the hell out of me!
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Yummy Treats.

What are your babies favorite treats? Charlie loves those flavored chewy discs, greenies, and the syrup flavored waffle treats. But he's finicky when it comes to little treats. The only ones he will always eat of the little ones are the Training Bits (that come in the purple bag) and the moist treats....forget the dry or waxy ones they give out at the bank, McD's, etc.

When it comes to dogfood, he'd just rather not. Even when I first got him and he hadn't had any human food before. I got him in October and it was about a month before he had his first taste of human food--from my mother--when we went home for Thanksgiving. *L* And if I remember correctly, when I was growing up she's the one that was always telling me not to feed the dog human food....
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Hi all, i hope it's alright to advertise a community here, it's dog-related. Let me know if it's not okay and I will remove the post asap.

I have created a community for people who have deaf pets and want to discuss their pets. Ask and give advice, share pictures, and stories.

If interested, check it out!

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Basil is a fetch MANIAC!

He makes me throw everything and anything for him, it's hilarious. It's times like these when I wish my camera was working!! He is laying on my bed like a person, with my cellphone in between his leg and chin. It sounds cute (and it SO is!), but the real reason he is doing this is so that I will be so enammered by his adorableness that I will throw his stuffy, as he has strategically placed his soaking wet, slobbery ring shaped stuffy in between him and myself. What a brat, hehe! It has taken me next to no time at all to pass this off as typical Boston Terrierness ;).

Ok, enough rambling.. I did have a purpose for this post after all! I was wondering if any of you find that your BT's have an unusually fast metabolism? I know that they are active dogs, but I have never seen a dog eat SO MUCH, yet stay so skinny. I haven't even been able to take him on his walks lately because of the rain. He is no where near a skeleton or anything, but you can see his ribs and when he rolls over they're even more visible.. I feel like I'm starving him or something! He eats a little more than his bag of food recommends for his weight and I give him at least 2-4 small treats a day. Since he eats his entire bowl of food at once in the morning, I am thinking about giving him a little more food in the evenings. I don't want my baby fat, but I don't want him underweight either!
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Hello again everyone,

If you dont know yet, my wife and I are getting two pups. Im a computer/electronics person as well as my wife but more-so me. My question is this,

Whats the best way to puppy proof your house of wires?

I have wires all around the house... Suroundsound, airconditioners, 2 computers on a lan, house lamps because we have no fixtures, stereo, phone, fax... you get the idea.

The sockets(sp) are near the floor so I dont want them biting something that could be their last.

Any help is highly appreciated, thanks.