June 28th, 2004

New Friend

YAY! Napoleon has a new friend!! My boyfriend just moved last week into a new neighborhood where apparently there was another boston. Last weekend we were told about the other boston. So this weekend we were on the look out for "George" as was his name. We walked all over looking for him but he was never out. Just as we had given up hope and were headed to a BBQ....out came George! So of course we dropped everything and ran back in the house for Napoleon. Nola came running out and found George right away. It was so cute. George is awesome and him and Nola play so well. The owners (oh whos names I forget as I am bad like that) were super Boston freaks like ourselves. So now Nola has a new playmate to go to the park with and go on walks with when he is in VA!!! YAY!! Hopefully we can get some picutres of them this weekend.


Ok so I have a question....does anyone's BT get bug bites??? My poor little guy is always getting bit up. I don't want to put bug spray on him because of him licking himself. Anyone got any good ideas???

Thanks in advance.

humping, and crabby crab

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I am working on this Dorsey Burnette article and my deadline is like 6 hours from now, so naturally I'm freaking out.  I always do this, panic, and then write something amazing.  To procrastinate (my specialty), here are eighteen thousand pictures of my dog humping my friends and murdering her dear associate, Crabby Crab:

Humping Jon:

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we are new!

i am new to all this LJ thing & just joined this community simply because i'm madly in love with my lil' boston boy of 5 years, Jimbo. Today was a hot day and we shared some frozen yogourt together (well, i hate all of it, he just licked what was left...) i think he enjoyed it alot! so anyway, since i like to take pictures of him all the time, i bet i'll be back with more pics soon.
glad to be a part of this cute group :o)
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In a book I read, it said that Bostons have the worst time potty-training...is that true? When we're sleeping, she'll wake up us to take her out, but during the day when we'll be just sitting there, she'll squat and do her business right in front of us.....any ideas?

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