July 5th, 2004


I am soooooooo proud of Stich! (Atleast I think so LOL!) Today, before I took a shower, I was walking into the bathroom, where I had laid down a paper towel to soak up their mess, and I saw some poop ON THE PAPER TOWEL! I looked at the puppies and Stich looked REALLY guilty! (Like he always does when I see something like that!) So I figured it was him. I am not proud that he pooped, but I AM proud that he pooped ON the paper towel! I LOVE MY DOGGIES! -Bridg-
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we went to visit millie again today. it was our second, very anticipated visit. the next time we'll be able to see her will be the night we pick her up (july 16th) because we'll be away all next week. so, i've posted some pictures we took today. feel free to stop by and say hello!

Hi Everyone

I didn't have much computer access for a while so lots of stuff has happened. (I used to be inthecornergirl). My dog Spanky died, he was put down for various medical reasons.. one day he just began struggling to breathe. He was only 10, I feel like he should have lived a longer life.. :( my best friend is gone.

I've moved since then; I'm now living with my mom, who has a one year old practically still a puppy Boston named Blue (he has one blue eye and one brown eye). He's really weird but I fell for him anyways (even though he's not Spanky). He likes to nibble on fingers and toes and has like a million toys he scatters around the house, so many that we put a Tupperware storage bin in the corner to keep his piles of abducted stuffed animals in. Oh, and he's allergic to grass. If he goes outside and rolls around in it his belly gets really, really pink and irritated. He gets mad if someone drinks a bottle of water in front of him and doesn't let him sip it, and if someone is sitting at the table on the back porch, he will jump up and sit in the chair across from them and try to "talk" with these low growling noises. He gets on my nerves but there's no avoiding his Collapse )


Grrraaah!!! This is so frustrating!!

Im sorry but this really pisses me off. If you dont know, I live in hawaii, and I have been talking to a boston terrier breeder for 4 months now. Ive been waiting for 4 months and every few weeks she would send me updated pictures of the pup. I called first so I had first pick and such and such. Im supposed to send money in 3 days from now for him to be shipped over and I e-mail her asking for the total cost and everything including papers and she writes me back saying she already sold the pup and that I should look to buy another boston terrier from someone else!!

Holy shit lady, what the fuck?

I mean seriously. 4 months of her telling me about how he is doing , as I fall in love with him and I have saved up the money in a seperate account because they have to be a certian age for them to fly and she just tells me "We already sold him, posibly you should go to another breeder?"

It was hard enough finding a pug and a boston terrier in australia with us living in Hawaii that were young because there are NO - none whatsoever - breeders here. It took me around 2 weeks and about 50 phone calls to find anyone who even had puppies. But now 2 weeks away from expecting to have a new friend in the house I have the door of expectation slammed in my face.

I feel so distraught, hopeless, faithless... I dont know... I really want a boston terrier but it just seems imposible. I seriously wished I lived in the mainland JUST so that I could get a boston without all this hassle.

Sorry for the drama.

I need to take a shower and relax.