July 8th, 2004

strong love

Gigi, my hamster, almost died this week. She got stuck in a bad place and I wasn't able to reach for her. Jimbo even tried to help her out (no kidding) and as I was in tears trying to get her outta there, he stood by me and comforted me. After a looOoong struggle, I finally rescued her and she's ok now. Jimbo is such a great big brother. He watches for her constantly since.

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...long-time listener, first-time caller.

Just wanted to share some pictures of my baby, Brody.

(Images behind the cut have been resized to 640x480 for easier viewing.)

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Walking on a leash? Not my boy! ...

Hello Everyone!
Just a quick introduction -
Just found this community, and thought it would be the perfect place to ask questions to other boston parents. This is the first boston terrier for me, but had a boxer previously.

May i present my little boy, Daisy's Rice Crispin!

His ears just perked up 2 days ago, and it's rather exciting to see them move around like they're catching reception. What amazing faces they have - they really do expressive faces!

He's 11 weeks old, and just getting the hang of housebreaking, but has not caught on to walking on a leash. Any suggestions? I'm at a loss here, and hoping Crispin really is clueless about this, rather than just being difficult :)