July 10th, 2004



I read an article that a dog's vocabulary can consist of approximately 500 human words that he/she understands. My family teased me that half of Charlie's is taken up with names that we call him. How many names/nicknames does your baby have?

A few of Charlie's:


Oh yeah, I forgot....Fritofeet and Bunnynose and Capt. Crookedtooth and Smiley.
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I'm Back!

I moved apartments last weekend (not a fun venture in the AZ heat) and haven't had internet since, so here is an update with some new pictures of little Joey. And welcome to all the new folks, I LOVE looking at all the pictures...so keep them coming!!!

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Hey everyone, my wife and I are getting two puppies, pug and a boston terrier... we will be getting them next week and we want to prepare with supplies and be ready to provide them with the best care posible. We live in a studio type area which is basicly a 1 bedroom house except we knocked out the wall and put up soji screens( the japanese style paper wall ) which is retracted half of the time. Anyway, its airconditioned and we live in hawaii, we share a yard with the neighbor so we dont want to have them running around outside for potty training. We have questions for anyone who is willing to ask, please take your time and thank you in advance for answering any of them!! Below is the list and please feel free to elaborate as much as you like, we want anyone's opinion that will share it! Thanks <3

1.How often do you wash puppies/ dogs.

2.How old do they need to be to wash it.

3.How often do you brush a dog/pup?

4.What are the best facial whipes for dogs that need it?

5.When do you trim dogs/ puppies nails?

6.When do you nutter them?

7.How old do you start potty training?

8.How old do you start sit comands?

9.When paper training what is the best method? Crate them in the area to use the bathroom or just sit there and make them not run out?

10.At what age can you start walking them?

11.How long can they be left alone?

12.Until when should they be confined to an area that is their own?

13.When should they be let out to roam around in the house itself?

14.Should they be seperated in 2 kennels when crate training or should they be together?

15.What is the best method to paper train, get newspapers? Get puppy pads? Re washable pads?

16.For their little area, should it be kennel(s), a fenced off area, or a complete wire crate?

17.Should that area be opened or closed to the rest of the house when we are home?

18.What should that area be padded with? nice cushy blankets or puppy pads incase they make a mess?

19.What is a good cleaner to buy incase they mess some cloths or bedding or sheet or couch or something?

20.What is the most effective way to keep them smelling good, I know of someone who like sprays their dog with stuff but im not sure?

21.How many times a day should they be fed?

22.How often if they are gated/caged/kennled off should they stay that way untill brought out, unless they should always roam freely?

23.How do you feel about a dog sleeping in the bed w/ you? At what age? how should it be conducted?

24.At what ages are important benchmarks for puppies acceleration into adulthood?

25.When and how are good ways to socialize puppies?

26.Is there anything else I should know or that you want to add?