July 11th, 2004


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   My lovely poopie wogs have forced us to redecorate.  We WERE planning on doing the foyer anyway - but we were NOT planning on doing the hall floors.  We have them gated in the hall while we are gone - and when they get mad at us for being gone so long they potty in there to get back at us!  The vent to the A/C has rust on it and I just realized it's in a nice little "I lifted my leg here to pee pee" pattern!!!   Collapse )

Pleeeeease, Mom?

Yesterday we went shopping at our favorite store, Petco. Charlie reminded me this morning that I need to either put stuff away or let him at the treats. I turned around to see what he was rustling into and this is what I saw.
Rustling Revealed

Poor baby...pouting for treats. So sad. ....I'm such a sucker.
Pouting for Treats

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silly question .......

but how do you make your boston get bigger? Mine is 10lbs and have been told by someone else's vet that he won't get much bigger.

I'm sure this is a case of "it's just not going to happen" but I wondered. I'd like him to put some weight on but the lil bugger runs around so much that he burns it all off.
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I got a call this morning from the hospital. It was my husband calling me to come and pick him up. He's been there for almost 2 weeks.

As I was leaving, Winston ran up to the door. He wanted to go too! I thought to myself, why not!? Tom is in LOVE with his little Winston. He has been missing him soooo bad. Winston has been so sad and missing Tom too.

Anyway, I pulled the car into the loading zone up at the hospital. Winston and I got out and waited for the nurse to wheel Tom down. When the doors flung open and Winston and Tom caught sight of each other you could see the hearts flying all over the place. Both their eyes were as big as saucers and Winston couldn't wait to jump up on Tom. There were lots of tears and licks of happiness. Winston was so excited to see his daddy that at one point he started coughing and lost his breath. My husband thanked me many times for bringing his little buddy to greet him on his way out of the hospital.

Yup. It was a happy day in bairland... A VERY happy day.

Winston hasn't left Tom's side since Tom's been home. It's so cute.

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