July 15th, 2004


Fresh Breath.

Charlie decided to freshen up while I was in the shower last night. He brought it into the bathroom to show me. *shaking head* What do you do, but hope your brush hadn't fallen into reach and it was someone else's that he'd found?

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    Lilo found a piece of rawhide in the yard (how it got there I have no idea!) and she brought it in to chew.  Many months ago before reading all the horror stories about doggies choking on raw hide or it getting stuck in their tummies and stuff I bought a 4 pack of rawhide bones with beef flavored coating.  I did this because the only thing that they would chew on at that time were the walls and carpets!  They wanted nothing to do with the cute little squeaky toys I kept getting them.  I did, however, finally find something: The Kongs where you put the peanut butter biscuits in them and they loved them!  Anyway - since Lilo had rawhide I decided to get out the bones.  I gave Lilo and Stitch each one, and Stitch being the stingy dog he is, would abandon his and go for Lilo's.  Then Lilo would see his across the floor and leave hers for his, leaving the one that she had been chewing on with no gravy coating left for Stitch!  This went on for awhile... temping me to get the camera to document the madness!  hehehe</p> Collapse )
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My poor baby couldnt walk yesterday. I had to rush him to the emergency room. The Dr told me he hurt his back and he would have to be under observation for the night and he might even need surgery. I cried all the way home. My poor baby. Today I called the vet and the told me he was doing great and that it was just a pinched nerve. We all know how active bostons are. My pup is a manic especially when you come home. He probably twisted his back jumping. He is doing better now and Im picking him up @4 o'clock. I cant wait to get him out of that hospital.