July 17th, 2004

K9 Crunchies Ty Dawn :)
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Hi gang!

I'm hangin' out in the K9 Crunchies Kitchen today!

Yup! I'm doing something that I love.
Baking Doggie treats for your babies!
(and mine of course!)


Edit: Wow! It's 80 degrees in this kitchen!
The doggie cookies are on the cooling racks.
I'll let them cool overnight and then ship them out Monday. :)
I just wanted to thank all the people that have been placing orders.
I appreciate your support more than you know.

We must cool down!
Right now... It's swimming time! WooHoo!

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millie is home now and she is doing a lot of sleeping. she's also fairly housebroken (the breeder did a great job with this). she woke me up twice this morning wanting to go out. so 4:30 in the morning i was outside (the earliest i've been outside in a long time and it was beautiful) with millie and she went potty and we played a little chase. she kept getting very close to my feet and then plopping down on them. she's not ready to go solo quite yet- but her playful side came out this afternoon! i love her so much already...

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