July 22nd, 2004

Sasha McUglyface

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Sasha's ok! The big cyst/tumor was removed with no problem (although there's about a 2+" long cut down his side, sutured up), and the little wart/growths on his face and elbow and left paw came off just fine. The one on his face doesn't look great, but that's because it only needed a stitch or 2. He'll heal and be even uglier than he was before the surgery. (sidenote: He gets offended when you call him cute... really. He even bit me once for doing that, so we just call him ugly)

And he's already unhappy that he's going to have to sleep in his cage at nights for a while instead of my nice warm bed. And Molly's upset that she can't be mean to him for a while.
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