August 7th, 2004

Puppy Eyes

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   Unless you have or have had two poopie wogs at the same time, you CANNOT identify with the joy of giving them each a bone!  LOL  I'm not talking about the ones they gulp down without chewing... I'm talking about K9 Crunchies and Meaty Bone Chewlottas and rawhides!!!  They have to do this little dance - I hold two out for each one... they sniff, they they reach over to sniff the other's!  Then Stitch takes his so daintily and runs off while Lilo keeps sniffing hers.  Then she takes her and puts it down as if it's heavy and then runs off to sniff Stitch's.  When he realizes that she has left hers, he takes off to get it and she freaks and runs back and grabs it.  Sometimes he gets there first and takes it, and sometimes he freaks realizing that he left his available for someone to grab!  Sometimes one will get to the other's with theirs in their mouth and puts it down to take the other, and then in mid "take" realizes that they put theirs down.  It's hilarious and happens every time!
fantasia flower

crazy dogs

Do any of your bostons combine their toy/treat eating? I gave joey a K9 Crunchy and he runs off to get the bone and then he chews the bone for a while, then eats the crunchy. He is a weirdo.

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