August 12th, 2004

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what calendar?

here is Joey completely ignoring the fact that he should be striking a pose for the new calendar. ;) actually, he is trying the, "I am SO not interested in that piece of cheese you have" look, to see if he might actually get a bite.


Calendar Question.

Will you need certain sized pictures emailed to you (pixels, quality, etc) for the final product?

I'm leaving for Germany at the end of the month and am just trying to think ahead. And I ask because we need to size them down to post on here.

**Can't wait to see it!**
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(no subject)

I though the calendar was a good idea, and I'm really happy that it brought out a lot more pictures than would probably be posted. I've gotten to see so many personalities that I most likely would not have seen unless the Calendar subject was brought up. My favorite holiday is Halloween and Xmas, so seeing Bostons in their outfits made my day. Seriously. Everyones babies are so precious (and I love the baby pics of Bella, may I add). I understand people have their opinions, but lets remember why we joined in the first place and just be happy. When I get home, I look forward to checking my Friends Page and seeing who's posted and what they posted. This is my favorite community and when I've had questions or worries about my baby Violet, everyone has been supportive, and that's what we're all about. To give our babies a great home and life full of love and to enjoy that. So in that sense, I'm going to post some pictures. I got Violet an Angel costume for Halloween, but we're still getting used to it. This is just something to look at and enjoy and not think about the calendar for a post!


(Nap Time with Mommy)

(I love Donkey....I just need shrek now)

ps. where does everyone get their costumes for their babies? I found a pirate costume right after I bought her the angel one, but I want to dress her up!

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Boston's Rule

(no subject)


If you read the posts this refers to I am sure that you have an opinion on the matter.  Everyone has a right to their opinion, however attacks are uncalled for.  I was asked questions and answered them as best as I could - but I guess some people were just not happy with the answers.  I am not going to accuse people of things, nor am I going to name names... but if I had to guess why there was such an attitude it's because maybe certain people wanted "in on the action" (of which there is none except work!) or they just wanted to make some money.  

YES these are your pictures - GUESS WHAT?!!!  My husband is a photographer, both landscape and portrait - we have a photography studio - and he isn't worried about doing a photo session of our babies and using them for the calendar!  

THIS WAS NOT TO MAKE MONEY nor was it to raise money for charity.  That IS a great idea, but not one feasible for our first year!  

WE DID SHOP AROUND and found this to be the best choice for our situation.  Yes, people offered to do the job - but hey - I don't know these people, I would not send my money to anyone that I don't know that isn't a reputable company, and I have no idea what the quality that they could produce would be. If I DID choose to do a local Wal-mart where the cost would be less than $10 (from what someone said - I haven't found this anywhere near here yet!), I would still have to do the legwork, mailing AND purchasing cardboard and packaging etc... and I just do not have the time for that NOR do I like the quality that Wal-mart produces. I KNOW the quality from the company that we have been dealing with forever, and that is that.  

I mentioned something about not letting a few bad apples spoil the fun - and I was told that "Bad Apple: Anyone with a view different than yours." NO - a Bad Apple in this situation is one who not just wants to express their view, but gets vicious, rude, and overbearing about their suggestion/comments.  I just read back to get the exact "quote" and saw more posts.  One was from an anonymous person and I am not going to read anymore comments on the posts.  It was said though that the ones submitting photos should get a discount... PEOPLE - if you want to do this then do it, if not KEEP YOUR MOUTHS SHUT!  If you must bring turmoil to a community FIND ANOTHER ONE TO BRING IT TO!!!  Yes - banning you would not be nice BUT YOUR ATTITUDES DO NOT BELONG HERE!  Anyone reading the posts/comments in reference will understand our desire to keep that out of here! 

The name of the company is Cafe Press and the calendars will be ordered directly from them.  This is how we are doing it this year - period. 

I cannot think of anything else that needs to be cleared up - BUT I am sure someone is going to throw another "bone" in here or have a nasty comment.  I am not attacking anyone - this community was SO STRESSFREE until all of this started.  I AM ADDING ANOTHER RULE - ANYONE ATTACKING ANOTHER BUDDY WILL BE BANNED.  You see, there are SO many people who belong to this community and love the way it was before the doggie poop hit the fan, that banning those who bring strife and stress to this community do not need to be allowed here.  Start your own community to bash other people BUT DO NOT DO IT IN HERE!

*Stepping down off of the doggie biscuit box*

Oh - someone wanted a poll - OK - this way you can submit your opinion without a wordy post and people can go see the count of who actually feels a certain way.


I was trying to stay out of this whole calendar mumbo-jumbo cause soooooo many of you have already sumitted some awesomely cute pictures....but.....i do have a few of my Vera that are up to par.......let's have a look see.......

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(no subject)

Guys calm down. I feel like I'm in high school again. High school sucked. The whole calander thing is an awesome idea. The only suggestion I would make to people is to use a photo editing program. Crop out the messy backgrounds. Pretend to make them proffessional. All of your babies are terribly cute, but when you have a photo of them on a stained carpet or with diry laundry in the background it doesn't look all that nice. I wouldn't wanna buy a calender like that, but that's just me. I'm just picky.

Now to bring some levity back into this, I'm going to post stupid pictures.

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Dew and Diane

Calendar photos

All the calendar entries are winners in my book. What sweet bostons everyone has. It's a pleasure just to see all the happy faces. Thanks to everyone for sharing their babies.
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A little rant

With everything going on lately, I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to cajunsunshyne. You are doing a great job and are so nice to take the time to do this calender for us all, not to mention being patient enough to answer our questions. I just wanted you to know that we all apreciate it very very much. And if you need help, just say so. Everyone cannot wait to see the final product!!!
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