August 25th, 2004


Napoleon has finally found a new friend!!! We moved about a month ago and poor Nola had to get use to taking the elevator or stairs instead of just walking outside. And then everytime we met another dog the people wouldn't let it play. So we had hopes after seeing another Boston and his brothers down the street. Only we found out that it is a mean Boston and not him and Napoleon are arch rivals!!! That little guy barks so much as Nola walks by him. Anyways....we tought all was lost. Until one day we saw a new dog in the park across from my apt. We had high hope. Come to find out that the doggie lives across the hall from us :) So we got together and him and Napoleon are now walking buddies. The dog's name is Ivan and he is a 5 month old American Bulldog. The guy is huge and Nola so beats him up. Now everytime we walk by their apt Nola sniffs under their door for cute!

hopefully we can get some pics of them together this weekend! And I still owe you guys pictures of George the Boston....soon I promise.