August 26th, 2004


Yay Sky!

The USAF has been doing barrel rolls over my neighborhood all morning and i didn't come home to a whimpering, poop leaving dog. Yay Brave Sky! i thought for sure there would tons of gifts in the diningroom and/or kitchen.


Emma just met a boy boston. She decided to take me on a walk, and on our way back to the house a guy pulled over and had a male boston. He was telling me he was looking to breed, Emma is fixed, so it wouldn't have worked.
Emma was very quiet, but the boy dog was whining and all excited.
I'd like Emma to have a playmate, and that's the only dog she hasn't growled or barked at. I hope I can find someone with a Boston around here for her to play with.

Molly and Lily

Yesterday, Molly and her friend Lily got to play together. Aren't they adorable? Too bad Tuffy wasn't able to hang out too. He was very yippy and upset that ANOTHER girl was trying to take over his turf. Silly boy!

Such cuties!