September 1st, 2004

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hello everyone

we're new to this community. now that i have pictures, i thought we'd introduce ourselves.

this is petunia. we rescued her from a shelter about 2 hours away from where we live. she was extremely underweight and had no hair from a flea infestation when we got her, her tail is broken from it being "docked" with a rubber band. she had just had a litter of puppies, which unfortunately didn't get turned in with her to the shelter. they think she is about 2 years old. we've had her for about a year and she is fixed, and healthy. i love her to pieces, she is my girl. she has the sweetest personality, she gets along with everyone. even people who don't like dogs like petunia.

this is christy. we just got her about 5 months ago. she is about 8, and her owner just didn't want her anymore, and was going to have her put down. they said she was horribly behaved. i don't know where they came up with that, but their loss is our gain. christy is a sweetheart, kinda goofy, but completely lovable, and at 8 has good years left on her life. the only "bad" behavior christy has is that she cannot stop licking that tasty human flesh. she is a hoot.

the other members of our puppy family are:
jacks: a border collie, ru: a jack russell terrier, maya: a carin terrier mix, and laney: a german shepard mix (she's petunia's playmate).

its nice to meet everyone.
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I am unsure if these people were entering photos in their entries on the following days:
happynoodlekid - 8/17
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If you intended these as entries, please post back letting me know by midnight tomorrow (September 2nd) or they will not be included. 
I just don't want to leave anybody out!!!

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Please finally welcome BAM BAM the boston terrier, into our family! We just got him today. He's so tiny!!! Maybe 15 pounds or less? 5 years old. His former owner had him for 5 years before giving him up because their new dogs were bullying him. They lost interest in him after his first birthday, no more pictures after that. We found out about him through a local boston terrier rescuer who was in contact with the owners. He was transported to a foster home for a few days until we got back from our honeymoon (we came home earlier than intended because of that heh). He's such a charmer. He has warmed up to us already and LOOOOVES to snuggle, a dream come true! He hides food because usually the dogs he lived with would take the food from him. I think he is going through shock because of how docile durf (our 11 year old black lab/chow) is. Durf even lets him take HER food heh, but we try to not encourage that or he could become a bully himself heh. I cannot understand why his former owner would ever give up this sweetheart? But can't complain since WE get to have him now, or rather he gets to have us :) We're already smitten with this little big man.

We have already bought eye wipes, ear wipes, dog shampoo, toys, a name tag, bowls, collar, and a retractable leash. Also of course little doggie treats :)

I was wondering how much food do you feed your adult boston terrier, assuming that he/she is a small one about 13-15 pounds? We are currently feeding him a handful twice a day, but I thought I'd ask you guys for your opinions. Also feel free to throw in any advice, we have open ears/eyes and would appreciate anything, as this big man is our first boston terrier and we want to make sure we do everything perfectly! Heh.

Here's pictures!!!

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