September 15th, 2004


need an opionation

Sky King is not doing too good in the house of late... He's never been very good at the whole "momma i need to go outside" thing.... and he hates being outside alone and he's been messing in the house a couple times a week. (and anytime there is severe agitation via garbage trucks or electrical storms)... i want to put out training pads for him to use. my mother thinks he'll view it as an inviation to go in the house and not go outside... i think its better to salvage the hardwood floors in diningroom and livingroom and the ceramic tile and throwrugs in the kitchen kind of at my wits end here.. i don't like being forced to clean up after a dog that knows better half an hour after he's been outside.

any thoughts/suggestions? or to convince him that going potty while outside in the morning to pee is a good thing to do
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